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Powder Coatings

Powder coatings-Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Ohio

Powder coating is a dry coating process that continues to grow in popularity since its inception in America in the 1960s. This type of coating has grown and is used by over 15% of the total industrial finishing process. If you would like to see some of these products you can visit the Contract Manufacturing Specialist of Ohio, they have the best of them.

Those companies that are looking for high quality and durable finish are now opting for powder coating. Powder coating comes with so many benefits both to the manufactures and the buyers as well as the environment. The other thing about powder coatings is that they come in so many colors allowing buyers the opportunity to choose the color they need.

The aspect of technological advances has also increased the performance of powder coating on products.  If you have some metallic products that you would like to give a striking performance then you need to try out powder coating.

How powder coating works

Powder coating basically is based on polymer resin systems. These systems are combined with curatives and leveling agents together with other additives. These ingredients are put together, melt mixed, and later on, cooled and later on the ground into a uniform powder that is similar to baking flour. After this, a process known as electrostatic spray deposition is used in achieving the application of the powder to the metal substrate. The application procedure makes use of a spray gun which is used to apply the electrostatic charge to powder particles.

These particles are later on attracted to the grounded part. After the parts have been applied with the powder coating, they are then entered into a curing oven where they are exposed to additional heat. Once exposed to this heat, the coating of the parts reacts producing longer molecular chains. The result of this procedure is a cross-link density. These molecular chains when formed are so hard to break down. This type of application is the most common method people in industries use in powder in the application.

Powder coating can also be applied to other non-metallic substrates like plastics as well as medium density fiberboard.  In some cases, powder coating is applied during fluidized bed applications. In this procedure, preheated parts are dipped into the hopper of fluidizing powder allowing the coating to melt. Once the coating melts, it flows out on from the other side. As to whether post-cure will be needed in this process that will have to depend on the temperature as well as the mass of part and the powder used during this process. Depending on the type of application used, powder coating is one of the best ways of coating metal as well as plastics. Powder-coated materials are eco-friendly and very durable at the same time.

Powder coating is a high-quality finish that is found on many products that people use in their daily activities. If you use utensils or any metallic or plastic products then you must have used some of these products that are coated using powder. Powder coating is capable of protecting even the roughest of all materials leaving them looking amazing. If you have some items that you depend on daily then you need to coat them using powder. Doing this will make sure that these products are well protected for the longest period of time to come.

You might be thinking well some of the products get exposed to water more frequently and as such, they could rust. If that is your worry then you have then Powder also got you covered. Powder coating is designed in such a way that it can withstand the most extreme conditions and still remain intact. If water and moisture are some of the threats to metal products. These elements force metals to rust hence becoming weak. However, when you use powder coating then you will not have to worry about these components at all, powder coating is capable of withstanding all of them.

Most experts agree that powder coating provides a more durable finish compared to liquid paints. The fact that powder coating is capable of withstanding all these conditions does not mean that that will compromise its appearance. That is not the case at all, powder coating is has the ability to withstand all these conditions and still look attractive. So here is what you get when you use powder coating on your products. You get tough, long-lasting, and lastly attractive products.

This is one deal that you cannot get from any other type of coatings like painting or electroplating. That is not all, the other type of coating could have some environmental effects which is not the case with powder coating. Given all these benefits, it is only right for you to consider powder coating ahead of the other types of coating.

If you have any business then you will probably try to explore those ways you can use to increase your sales. The products you sell are the greatest determinants of the progress you make in sales. Without the right products you cannot make the sales or reach the target you desire. Most people are now shifting towards powder coated products due to their many benefits. If you are selling products that are coated using other materials then you might fail to attract the customers in the current days.

One the other side, if you are selling powder coated products then you are more likely to make the sales you need. Most people prefer these products and are more likely to come to your store for the same products. For this reason, it is up to you to decide the kind of products you need to sell and how much profits you need to make. Before we finish it is only right that we look at some of the benefits of using powder coated products. These benefits apply to the buyer or rather the person using these products.  If you intend to buy some of the products then you need to listen carefully to some of the benefits you stand to gain.

If you are buying a product then you would like to consider seriously the aspect of maintenance. Depending on the product you are buying, you do not need a product that will give you maintenance nightmares. You need something that will be so easy for you to maintain and of course at considerable fees. This is what you get when you use Powder coating, it is so easy to maintain as it does not require any special products for cleaning. Instead of going for these products that are required for cleaning, you can only wipe and rinse off powder coated products and that will be it about them.

They also do not come with a complicated cleaning procedure. Depending on the products you use, the procedure of cleaning them is so simple and will only take you a short period of time. On the other side, the process of cleaning painted or electroplated products is very complicated. In some cases, you might have to use some costly cleaning detergents which might set you back so much money in the long run. Instead of going through all these hassles try out Powder coating products and you will not regret it.

Powder coating comes in a variety of so many colors.  These many colors allow you the opportunity to choose the color that you need. This is unlike other types of coating which might only limit you to specific colors and nothing more.

If you are a choosy person then you need to go for powder coating as it will offer you a wide range of color options. Depending on your preferred color you will get that from powder coating products.

There is no type of coating that comes close to powder coating. From durability to corrosion resistance, this type of coating is simply the best compared to the others. If you are looking for the best powder coated products to visit Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Ohio, they have the best of these products.

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