Best Contract Manufacturer in Troy, Ohio


Best Contract Manufacturing in Troy, OH

Best Contract Manufacturer in Troy, Ohio

Want fabricated products with your brand name on it? But haven’t you got enough money to invest in different firms for different services? Come to us and get all services under a single facility. Without compromising with quality, we provide you the best quality products within your budget.

An ISO Certified manufacturing firm, Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Ohio, sweat, and slave to satisfy the demands of our customers. Whether its low volume production or high volume production, we handle both with ease and efficiency. Using CNC machinery for low volume production not only speeds up the process but also makes the finest quality products.

We provide all services under metal fabrication like cutting, bending, welding, machining, finishing, etc. Everyday items like appliances, fasteners, fans, latches, cans, etc. are all results of metal fabrication. We use modern machinery for better results and efficiency.


Laser Cutting

Metal is sliced into parts using a laser beam.  It is used to cut through and cut precise designs out of metals like titanium, steel, copper, and aluminum. It’s an advantage over manual cutting that it is a non-contact process.

It is fast, error-free, and delivers a high-quality finish to the products. Its applications include aerospace designing, forming steel sculptures, forming business cards from metals, jewelry making, etc.

Three main types of laser cutters used are:

CO2 Lasers: They are the most common laser cutters as they are low power, less costly as compared to others, efficient. It is used to both cut through and engraves metals.

Neodymium Lasers: Due to its high intensity, it can cut through thick materials but need high-cost maintenance.

Fiber Lasers: We mostly use these lasers in laser cutting as it can cut through thick materials with high efficiency. It can even cut reflective metals. It’s low-cost maintenance, and high efficiency makes it most suitable for use.

Metal Bending

Parts like corrugations, flanges, chimney starter are formed using metal bending. It is a forming process in which bending stress is applied on sheet metal to bend it at a certain angle or to make a curved sheet.

We use bending equipment like Press Brake Machine, Rotary sheet bending machines, Hydraulic profile bending machines, pipe bending machines, Pneumatic bending equipment and machines for bending wire and fittings. Applications of metal bending are:

  • Production of tubes, cylinders for machine industry, aircraft, and ship construction.
  • Production of pipes and pipe parts used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Production of shelves, nooks, furniture legs, etc.
  • Production of weathering, molding and construction materials
  • Production of footing for stands, signs, and road signs

So those were some of our services included in metal fabrication. Along with providing the best quality fabricated products, we also make sure that your designs and production ideas are safe with us and are not leaked out. Knowing the importance of on-time deliveries, we make sure to deliver your ordered products well before the scheduled time.

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We service multiple cities throughout the state of Ohio. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Ohio.

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